What brings you joy?

Outdoor adventures
I wanted to share a picture of my daughter for your autistic joy phot project. This is Ella! She is 8, autistic and learning disabled and she loves to be outdoors with her family on little adventures. I love this picture of her quietly enjoying and taking in nature. One of her favourite things to do is to take pictures or videos of our adventures and making little clips with music added. @LeanneHPatrick
This is Karasu
this is Karasu ^^ Karasu likes eating lardball bird food and eggs, and bones Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat Karasu also as a friend who comes around sometimes but Karasu's friend is more easily startled. At the start of the year esp with the lockdown, I started walking around the neighbourhood looking for birds and plant life. (with the occasional squirrel thrown in) and if I don't do this my fav self-replenishing activity is a bike ride to nowhere ( pottering about) My longest tour was about 35 km of riding mostly through an area of my city I haven't been passed before. (my bum was well sore for a couple of days xD) I used to commute to uni every day and I kinda missed train travel but bike riding has the best worlds of moving around and distance moved. I guess pedalling a bike is also quite a repetitive "stimmy " motion( it is pretty flat here with only a few flat hills). - Morri
An Ocean of Joy: after school days with mom at the seaside
After my parents’ divorce, my mom used to take me to the beach after school. No matter the weather, we would always go and get some fresh air. At that time neither of us knew I was autistic, but my mom knew taking me there always made me happy and calmed me down. We still go to the beach together and we can sit and watch the waves for hours without needing to talk. I now know my grandmother used to do the same with my mom and as a history PhD, this makes me wonder if we share a history of autistic joy. - Anonymous, PhD student in History
My marble collection
... There's dozens of ways to sort them too. So relaxing Angela Heeley RIBA, Autistic Architect
 'For the love of flow'.
- Damian Milton
This is my son Corey who is autistic and I would say he is the definition of joy in the picture. The pictures were captured at a Christmas event last year and used in this year's promotion. - Mr Lands
Origami cranes
Origami is one of the only things that has consistently brought me joy and peace, especially during school, where I get overwhelmed without it. This is some of my little cranes from the past 5 years or so. I keep them sorted by color scheme :) - Laila
I am Karen I am 54. I am autistic. I enjoy mosaic. I love the patterns I create. The activity brings me joy and gives me space to sort through some difficult things that happened when I was little.
Here’s a link to my Insta. My joy is autism, folklore and psychogeography; exploring urban and rural landscapes through a folkloric lense, noticing patterns and details; linking symbols and gleaning meaning and self insight: https://instagram.com/urbanotherworlds/
Teaching and playing piano & keyboard
Last year I got an Autism-Friendly Business Award for my piano teaching business that I have been running for the last 25 years. Playing and teaching Musical keyboard brings me a lot of #AutisticJoy - Madge Woollard
Autistic joy
Seeing my son grow into the young man he’s meant to be and a talented artist. Finally being scheduled for an Aspergers assessment 26mts (after referral) going on 50yrs. Doing things people wrote you off as not capable of doing. Cool projects - Stephen
The magic of anime
'Josefina enjoying the overwhelming sailor-moon-ness of a temporary sailor moon cafe in Tokyo, January 2018'
- Autistic teacher
I find water so calming, it's definitely the thing that makes me feel most at peace. This was taken at Durdle Door beach in Dorset. It's such a pretty beach and is backed by lovely limestone cliffs! - Fifi Benham @fifi_EY and Alex Lindsay